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10/21/2016, 8:35:22 PM
TheDerpySupport : I called someone else out and you got timed out by another mod for backseat gaming your joke wasnt the issue
kooper91 : how was I backseat gaming?
TheDerpySupport : The message that got purged by you was the wearing the necklace and flirting with the chick
kooper91 : and I have been times out again
kooper91 : yeah, that was a joooooke
TheDerpySupport : Didnt seem like a joke to the other mod but you got timed out this time by the bot
TheDerpySupport : You forgot to space 2 words between a period
TheDerpySupport : so the bot thought you posted a link
kooper91 : i was joking that he should flirt with the guy shopkeep because Max emphasized he said affectiin
TheDerpySupport : I unbanned/untimed you out for the bot thing
kooper91 : seriously i should not have been treated like that
TheDerpySupport : Honestly it was kinda your fault for "making a joke" about backseat gaming when we've been telling people all night to not do it
kooper91 : i was not backseat gaming! heaven forbid a person make a joke!
TheDerpySupport : Honestly I wouldnt have taken it as a joke either because you were explaining max to do something specific in game with no way of knowing it was a joke or not but I appologize on behalf of the other mod for not understanding the joke.
kooper91 : your not banning people who tell him to get horses or wait to get one.
TheDerpySupport : I'm not the only one modding though. If the other mods do not catch something in chat another one will
kooper91 : it was unfair treatment because someone misunderstood my joke and now your just rubbing it in.
TheDerpySupport : I'm not rubbing it in I'm just saying the way you phrased it did not seem like a joke
kooper91 : just leave me alone, someone messed up, all they had to do was apologize, not make a bigger thing of it
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kooper91 : now I'm not enjoying max's stream, but arguing with a stranger and considering unsubbing because of it. 
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