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===== ===== Want details
-. Select the castle to fight anywhere after. (I copied the main castle in a server).
-. The opening duel 1-1 each at any time over a war-of-emperium. (Woe be it for them).
-. Master Guild Only. Register had been betting
-. Period duel You can choose from 30 minutes / 60 minutes.
-. Time to duel each need not be concurrent.
-. The stakes can choose from 3 Cash and Item Zeny or so Gm ratio can determine the minimum - maximum. Of bets such as (Zeny not less than 10m and less than 100m, Cash least 100 cash, and up to 1000 cash).
-. If I'm not opening 1-1 guild to earn guild duel within five minutes or Cash Zeny first placed bets will be returned immediately. (If the master is not online at that time. When the order comes, it will bounce to the right. Do not forget to check that the system Master or has been Each receiving redundancy)
-. The second guild to 1-1 with 5 minutes after registration. Before begin to duel
-. Has announced a 10-second countdown before a duel begins. (Guild duel, only to see the announcement. Players will not see).
-. Has announced the countdown to 5 minutes / 3 minutes / 1 minute and count the seconds until the battle is over.
-. The guild who won 1-1, will have their own bets: Bets of all other parties.
-. The guild who won 1-1 if not picked up within 30 minutes betting, all bets will be sent to the guild master it immediately.
Customize the number of people entering the competition each team has independent 1- max guildmember and can choose whether to have a team of people.
- Protect all spam cropped or register redundant.
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