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How to use:
Type `@floatingrates` or `@hourlyrates` depending which one you want to use.
@floatingrates works like this:
Can edit multipliers in both commands
You start it, when you type @floatingrates again it show how much time you ran your floatingrates for and if you want to disable or not.
@hourlyrates - I start @hourlyrates. - I click Start Hourly Rates without configuring the Hour amount I want. - Goes back to main menu and I input the amount of hours. - Goes back to main menu, new option added if you want to reset timer and change. - I start what I setup for hourly rates and shows that it got modified and the hour limit. - Then when you type again @hourlyrates after finish, it will show how much time of the hours has been going on, and can prematurely disable it if you choose to.
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