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[cbox=gray][center][size=6]Latest Version: [color=#ff0066][b][/b][/color] [b]([url=]Changelog[/url])[/b][/size][/center][/cbox][cbox=red][b]FAQ:[/b]
[b]Q:[/b] Why does it only cast R(Q) in normal combo?
[color=#ff0066][b]A:[/b][/color] 2Chainz functions the same as R(E) combo. AoE Combo with slider set on 1 also functions the same as R(W) combo.
[b]Q:[/b] What are the recommended settings?
[color=#ff0066][b]A:[/b][/color] Recommended settings will be selected on load, we still suggest to play around with settings to your own heart's content.
[b]Q:[/b] So, how do I actually use this assembly properly?
[color=#ff0066][b]A:[/b][/color] If you're looking to burst someone down, we suggest using normal combo.
When it comes to 2 or more enemies, we suggest pressing the AoE Combo hotkey followed up with normal combo. 2Chainz comes in handy when you're trying to permaroot your target.
[b]Q:[/b] Install error? Help?!
[color=#ff0066][b]A:[/b][/color] Install [url=ls://projectGroup/tr33s/LeagueSharp/TreeLib/]TreeLib[/url] first, if you still get an error please post your error log in a reply so we can help you out.[/cbox][cbox=gray]Credits:
[member=Lilith] [b]–[/b] My manager, Spell Logic Brain & QA Analyst
[member=Kyon] [b]–[/b] GFX
[b][color=#00cc00]Tree[/color][/b] [b]Tester Group[/b][/cbox]
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