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Hello Readers ,GM Snowy here to bring you the drama llama, I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention about DivinityRO’s, or to be more specific, Cookie’s issues. I’ve got your attention, eh? Well~ there are a few things I need to say. First of all, I used to think Cookie was a great person and really smart and all that jazz. When I heard about him being [ corrupt in the past ], I truly believed that he had changed. Boy was I wrong! A few weeks ago, a brand new guild joined DivinityRO and they were so excited to be start playing in this server! Later on, I hear that Cookie starts to item them different MvP Cards & items such as; Ghostring, Bascojin, [ Umbala Spirit ], [ etc ]. Umbala Spirit was like $40, for two days, & its extremely unfair to all of the players who donated because he gave them out for free. So, let me just say this first. Cookie has had a past history where he was corrupt, and he continues to claim he has “changed” and “[ There’s no corruption here, nothing to hide! All that is in the past! ]”.Cookie continues to claim that there have been illegitimate items that were handed out by “past GMs”. Honestly, there is no one I can possibly think of… Rouge, the other Admin, was apparently “too drunk” to even do her job let alone come online and type codes of MvP cards to players. Plus, if she was caught doing that, wouldn’t those items be wiped and she immediately be kicked? Euphemia is his best friend, maybe she did it? But wait, how would we ever know? Euphemia would never! …Except that one time that she dropped a God Item by mistake to the guild leader of High Society with whom she was then having a relationship with, because “she was playing around”. But you know, that was just a mistake and we all know how those mistakes happen. Also, the logs seem to miraculously erase and “back up” at random times, where only Cookie can access it. More on that later. No matter, 10+ pages are enough to prove corruption. Anyway, back to my main point, Cookie claims these “illegal” items were handed out by another GM, but the only person I can think of who could have done such a thing is Cookie himself. There are so many signs pointing to him, like the leaving/bans of High Society. They were claiming that he sold MvP cards and he got P.O.ed that this information was let out. He admitted to giving them items and playing around when the server first opened, “but I was only messing with them because there were only 30 people online and we were just playing”. You like to play an awful lot, Cookie. So, after some time, he forgot about the items and never deleted them, or just chose to ignore it. There are so many signs of these mistakes and items, just take a look at this [ thread ] and [ screenshot ]. Yes, these items have been removed now and I kept quiet till now as I believed that such things will never happen again. But then a few weeks ago Cookie invites Chyle’s and Cronus’s legit characters to go MvPing with his legit character, which was equipped with god items. After a few Bloody Branches, Chyle gets a Maya Purple Card. Cookie then gives Cronus a +10 Diablo Boots with a FBH card since he didn’t get anything. All commands logs were immediately “backed up” after this and made unavailable for our access. When we learned about this, we addressed Cookie regarding this and were told he was only testing something for MvPs. We told him that it was unacceptable to help legit characters with his god mode items and randomly give items as it would ruin the economy and were promised that such things will never happen again. And then, a few weeks later we learn of the incident where he has been giving items to the new guild. Cookie has been repeatedly throwing promises left and right about not being corrupt and we are tired of believing and falling for it again and again. Cookie is never going stop his habits.Lastly, you have a lvl 99 Admin show up out of nowhere, who is his cousin, [GM] Serah, and she’s so “trustworthy”. She had a past record of GM Impersonation for several GMs (Celtic, CoolCat, Cookie, Euphemia, etc.) but now she’s a GM. Wow! Great screening process. Recently, we were going through command logs and see that there have been weird items that were dropped in massive amounts, they were Mistress Cards. HOLY CRAP! 200+ Mistress Cards were dropped in Lighthalzen. Yes, even if it was for six seconds, isn’t that more than enough? Ridiculous. Proof: [ Picture 1 ] [ Picture 2 ] [ Picture 3 ]I want to personally apologize to Inny for the way Cookie treated you and how he just went and kicked you out just because you were doing a good job and he was done with you. You see, players, Cookie has this weird tendency to throw away staff members whenever he’s tired, done, or too lazy to train them. So, instead of Cookie throwing us away like we’re some piece of trash, we’re going to throw him away. This is our official resignation letter. The following GameMasters have collaborated and agreed that they are leaving this server for good.[GM] Snowy[GM] Xyrin[GM] Ender[GM] Chyle[GM] Cronus[GM] Dan[GM] RainbowThe rest of the staff members are extremely amazing and I have never seen so much devotion and loyalty of staff in my life. From what I’ve seen Deviluke, Seryth, Vanity, CoolCat, Ether, and all of the other GMs are great. They really care about the server, it’s just too bad that the Admin had to go and ruin all of their hard work. He is truly undeserving of these staff members.We’re not trying to make anyone leave but only let them realize the truth behind everything that Cookie does. One thing that we cannot tolerate is corruption. Period. I’m pretty sure that our topics will be deleted and he’ll continue to make excuses for all of this. But before you listen to those, take a moment and look at these details, can you really accept these? Whatever the reason, whatever the excuse is this really fair to the rest of the players? Got some questions, feedbacks, or just want to stay in touch? Feel free to e-mail us at: divroiscorrupt@hotmail.comBest wishes to all of you! TL;DRCookie is corrupt and will always be corrupt. The staff is leaving. Good luck.Oh! And here is this week’s [ Donation Rotation ].
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