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/* Mod Pack Version 2.0 Description
        Compiled by: Aeromesi
//Instance Descriptions:
Zombie Massacre Instance Hercules(SOLO Based)/rAthena(PARTY Based):
You are able to configure the amount of Zombie's/Monsters easily by simply changing the variable setup.
There is 6 total waves.
Bonus feature: In the "OnInit:" label you can disable or enable dieing as a Zombie and also how many times they can die as a Zombie until they become a "Zombie" forever which you lose the instance Dungeon if that happens.
Head to the center of Prontera to the Holy Fountain to reclaim your human-form to turn back to human. (there is a  + symbol on the minimap in blue that designates the Holy Fountain's location.)
Fiery Fairy Forest Instance Hercules(SOLO Based)/rAthena(PARTY Based):
The Fire Demons have come to the Southern Field to invade Prontera, as they rush they catch flaim to the Fairys home inside the trees.
There is 6 total waves, able to configure amount of monsters easily also, just like Zombie Massacre.
102 Total fires, 17 per round, the fires are marked as a red + symbol in the minimap so you know where to head to. Take out the fires to reclaim and protect the Fairy's Forest! As well as protect the Fire Demon's from invading Prontera!
Last boss is Ifrit, the Fire Demon King.
Farming Zones Instance Hercules(SOLO Based)/rAthena(PARTY Based):
Enjoy your own instance version where you do not have to worry of other players PKing or taking all the prize!
Total of 5 Zones( Note: You cannot abuse these farm zones with AoE skills, you WILL be auto-kicked and have to wait on the delay time to enter again.)
Random Item Farming: Allow the player to farm random items you setup inside the Random Item Farming.
Dead Branch Farming: Farm some Dead Branches!
Bloody Branch Farming: Farm some Bloody Branches!
Gold Farming: Farm Gold!
Oridicon/Elunium Farming: Farm some Oridicon/Elunium!
Simply able to edit all Zone Information to fit your servers needs: Example taken from "Dead Branch Zone" this applies to all other Zones;
                        [Farm Zone] Dead Branch
                        Information/How-To Setup:
        'DBRate - The rate at which they obtain the Dead Branches, which is in %. So 50 = 50%.
        .DBDelayMin - Controls Time Limit of Re-entering: 1 = 1 Minute, 2 = 2 Minute, etc.
        .MaxDBLimit - Max amount of Dead Branches they can Farm until instance is complete, if they don't reach max amount they just complete the instance.
        'MOB1ID/'MOB2ID - Select the ID of the monster you want.
        'MOB1AM/'MOB2AM - Select the Amount of designated Monsters you want to spawn.
        NOTE: Don't make the .MaxDBLimit exceed the total amount of monsters you selected to spawn. Otherwise, they will never reach the Max Limit.
        All other variables do not touch, especially the Count, and the Start. ('Farm_Count and 'Farm_Start)
Mastery Dungeon Instance Hercules+rAthena(PARTY Based):
Able to setup the max amount of party members allowed to enter the instance by editing the .max_player variable inside the "OnInit:" label.
2 of the same classes cannot enter together.
10 Total rounds, all timed, can change time easily.
Each round you finish you win Dimension Coins, which can easily be changed to your own currency, can also change the amount of "coins" they recieve by editing the arrays.
Records time you beat Mastery Dungeon so you can show-off to your friends!
Contains Easy, Normal, Hardcore, and Nightmare modes, can easily change the monsters on each round also.
Note: If Party goes into Mastery Dungeon, wins, and then disbands and any of those party members join another party to play, the NPC will say so-and-so has to wait X hours and Y minutes until they can participate again, so cannot abuse!
Trivia Instance Hercules(SOLO Based)/rAthena(Party Based):
This is a Trivia/Event instance composed of obstacles you must overcome!
1st Trivia:
Defeat the 4 Shadow Clones, easily able to modify the Monsters and amounts to win! Also this is on a custom-made map by Aeromesi!
2nd Trivia:
Find the Correct Path of Light, you spawn in the dali map, where you must walk among the lights and find the correct light, the wrong light can trigger monster spawn traps, where unfortunately you may be Cursed/Frozen, or even a game-over! Find the Correct Light to continue to Trivia 3.
Trivia 3:
Learn How to Spell, There is a ton of monsters that spawn as Fake named monsters and Real named monsters, kill the correct ones to continue.
Also as bonus feature, you can enable if they get "X" amount of fake mobs, that they lose the instance, so forget spamming your AoE skills! Can also disable this feature for an easy-mode version.
Trivia 4:
Defeat your Shadow Clone, based off the popular manga and anime TV-Series, Naruto, you must defeat your Shadow Clones, which are exact copys of your character, can setup how many clones you want them to fight also.
Trivia 5 will be part of the 3.0 update.
[WIP] Prime Tower - Same as Endless Tower, but able to configure rewards per-each floor, can choose between SOLO or PARTY, also, if you choose PARTY, the monsters are multiplied by how many members you have in your party. The more members, the harder it becomes! Can setup rewards for each floor as well as change the mobs for each floor easily inside script. Comes with the Default Template of Endless Tower just in-case you want something original, yet unique.
[WIP] Instance Creator: As GM you walk up to "Instance Portal" NPC that allows you to create a custom instance with many options! The ideas I have in mind are this;
(Setup monster ID's/amounts)
(Setup time limit)
(Setup rewards)
(Setup either Solo/Party)
(Setup amount of party member if they select partyable instance)
(Allow formula of monster amounts to be timed by the amount of Party member (similar to Prime Tower - Can skip this feature)
So far you can make the instance, and it spawns monsters that do just a simple count of kills you make, showing the functionality of the Instance Creator works!
HIGHLIGHTED Script Descriptions:
Invasion Summoner:
GM Inputs map for event, followed by 10 Monster ID's and Amounts, also if you mistype a wrong map, or wrong ID etc, it will display error message and tell you to repeat input so don't worry about any hanging or stalled script! Then proceed to input MINIMUM amount of participation kills for player to receive invasion reward via @rewardinvasion or talking to the Invasion Summoner once event is over. Also can enable BONUS feature of Random item drops (similar to the Random Item Farming Zone Instance) along with the % rate at which they can obtain the random items, can skip/disable this feature if you want them to just get the reward at the end of the Invasion.
                //Custom Commands: \\
// GM Commands          
'@repeatinvasion' - Once finished invasion if you want to do another same invasion setup as before just type this command!
'@destroyinvasion' - Allows you to end the Invasion early. Can also be accessible through NPC
'@createinvasion' - Opens CREATE_INVASION so you can setup everything on the go.
'@rewardinvasion' - Allows you to get reward if you participated in killing enough and the Invasion is over will you be able to receive reward.
// Player Commands:
'@joininvasion' - Allows you to join Invasion instead of going to NPC, directly go to the invasion!
'@quitinvasion' - Allows you to leave the invasion
Special Poring Event:
GM Inputs map for event, followed by Normal Poring amount and Special Poring amount. Player to kill the LAST Special Poring actually kills the SUPER Special Poring, which contains a better reward (You setup rewards for Special Poring and Super Special Poring inside script.)
        //Centralized Script Command - (C) Aeromesi (Subjective to many changes.)
        //GM Commands
        '@startporing' - You are able to start configuring your Special Poring Event via @startporing. Note when  Special Poring Event is going on, you cannot start another one.
        '@repeatporing' - Allows you to run your previous Poring Event! Just like Invasion Summoner!
        '@deleteporing' - It will ask you to delete your previous configurations so you can start anew with your Special Poring Event Configuration.
        '@disableporing' - It allows the GM to disable the Poring event.
        //Player Commands
        '@joinporing'` - Allows you to enter the map the event is going on in.
        '@quitporing' - Allows you to quit and leave (Warps to SavePoint) the Special Poring Event.
Some Freebie NPC that I include from my releases on Hercules, because I want to promote these useful script, I include them into my package (also made minor fixes like grammar issues etc)
In every town currently you will gain x amount of BaseExp and x amount of JobExp, open 'onenewmapexp.txt' to change (Will put for whole world of Ragnarok soon enough)
Fumbi System: 
You are able to "Fumbi" an Weapon or Armor in this NPC for an x amount of Zeny, it randomly gives you the chances of getting any Weapon or Armor in Ragnarok, and after whatever Fumbi roll attempts you configured, you get the chance to try and Fumbi a card. This is a fool-proof system though, you CANNOT attempt to Fumbi ANY god Weapons or Armors, or cards like Maya Purple or GTB and so forth. All those "banned" from the Fumbi roll, is located in the array .GodItems
Zeny & Cash Gambler:
Version 1.2
1.2 Features:
Added in Second Chance Option (Edit .S_Chance to to Enable/Disable the Second Chance)
Second chance only applies if you LOSE the gamble
Edit .S_ChanceRate to change the % Rate at which players have the opportunity for a Second Chance.
Default is set to 50% for a Second Chance and is enabled by default!
Also fixed a bug where users could input 0 Zeny or Cash Points, didn't effect anything but the check for an input of 0 needed to be added in.
Enjoy 1.2 Hercules! ~ Aeromesi
Weekend Quests NPC:
The weekend quest NPC is developed for players who cannot afford to donate, it is offered on the days people are usually not busy to complete the given quest (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)so that they may enjoy Donation items as well! 
NOTE: This is ACCOUNT bound, so no bug abuse will happen! At the end of Sunday, everything will reset and you'll have to wait until next Weekend for the Quests. 
Totally flexible![.fricash, .satcash, .suncash] handle the amount of Cash Points given per-quest finished![.frireq, .satreq, .sunreq] handle the required ITEM needed for the quest![.friitemam, .satitemam, .sunitemam] handle the required AMOUNT of the ITEM needed to COMPLETE the quest![.frireq2, .satreq2, .sunreq2] handle the required amount of ZENY needed to COMPLETE the quest!
What exactly is On Death Screams?
Basically when you die, you scream the painful scream of death!
Male has 5 random screams
Female has 4 random screams
L-F-P Broadcaster:
Have 3 options:
Search for Party Members: Input Level Gap, choose level 30, so level gap would be 30-40, then Choose amount of Members you are looking for, and select what classes.
Will announce something like this: Aeromesi shouts: I am looking for levels 30-40, with jobs: Lord Knight, Assassin Cross, High Priest
Inquire Party: Will broadcast something like this: Aeromesi shouts: I am a level 99 Assassin Cross, looking for a Party.
Search for Leacher: Will broadcast something like this: Aeromesi shouts: I am a level 99 Assassin Cross, looking for a Leecher.
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