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shopmap,102,136,4       script  Market Manager#1        859,{
        mes "[Market Manager]";
        mes "Welcome to the Market Area!";
        mes "This is a special area designed for merchants, feel free to open a stall to buy or sell items to other players~";
        mes "[Market Manager]";
        mes "The market is split in 4 sectors";
        mes "Each sector has 4 vending lines";
        mes "You're allowed to open a shop ^FF0000ONLY^000000 in vending lines!";
        mes "[Market Manager]";
        mes "Be sure to be on the right line.";
        mes "And remember to respect other merchants, do not overlap shops on the same cell!";
shopmap mapflag nobranch
shopmap mapflag noicewall
shopmap mapflag nomemo
shopmap mapflag nopenalty
shopmap mapflag noreturn
shopmap mapflag nosave
shopmap mapflag noteleport
shopmap mapflag nowarp
shopmap mapflag nowarpto
shopmap mapflag town
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