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HelpMsgStr = {
  "/tip : Opens \"Tip of the Day\" window",
  "/h or /help: Shows this Command Help List",
  "/w or /who: Shows the number of current players connected.",
  "/music: Turns BGM On/Off",
  "/sound: Turns Sound Effects On/Off",
  "/effect: Effects On/Off",
  "/where: Shows your current location",
  "/skip : Turns Frame Skip On/Off",
  "/v (0~127): Controls the volume of the Sound Effects",
  "/bv (0~127): Controls the volume of the BGM",
  "/ex (Character Name): Blocks whispering from the Character",
  "/ex (Character Name): Blocks whispering from the Character",
  "/ex: View a list of Characters you have Blocked",
  "/in (Character Name): Allows whispering from the Character",
  "/inall: Allows whispers from anyone",
  "/exall: Blocks whispers from everyone",
  "/organize [PartyName] To organize a party. /leave to withdraw from a party.",
  "/sit: Sit command. If you are sitting, you will stand instead.",
  "/stand: Stand command. If you are standing, you will sit instead.",
  "/chat: Creates a Chat Room",
  "/q: Leaves a Chat Room",
  "/organize [PartyName] To organize a party.",
  "/leave to withdraw from a party.",
  "/expel [Character Name] kicks a Character out of your party",
  "F12 Brings up a Hotkey Window which allows you to drag and drop Recovery Items, Equipment and Skills into it for faster access.",
  "If Party Leader right click on a character a menu appears to request a player to join the party.",
  "[Alt] + [End]: Turns HP/SP Bar On/Off",
  "[Alt] + [Home]: Turns Ground Cursor On/Off",
  "[Insert]: Makes you sit or stand.",
  "[Alt] + [=]: Fix the interval error between letters.",
  "[F10]: To toggle Chat Window size; [Alt] + [F10]: Toggle Chat Window On/Off",
  "How to Whisper: Enter a Character's Name on the left side of chat window and type your message on the right side. The Tab key helps you move between these boxes.",
  "/!,/?,/ho,/lv,/lv2,/swt,/ic,/an,/ag,/$,/¢®|.,/thx,/wah,/sry,/heh,/swt2,/hmm,/no1,/??,/omg,/oh,/X,/hp,/go,/sob,/gg,/kis,/kis2,/pif,/ok: Emotion icons corresponding to Alt + (1~9) Ctrl + (-=\\)",
  "How to Speak to Party: Add % in front of every message. (example: \\\"%hi\\\")",
  "How to Take Screen Shots: Press [Print Screen] or [Scroll Lock].",
  "/memo: To memorize a place as Warp Point (If you have Warp Portal skill)",
  "/snap: Turns snap On/Off for fights, /skillsnap: Turns snap On/Off for skills. /itemsnap: Turns snap On/Off for items on the grounds.#",
  "/savechat: Save a Chat Log",
  "/camera: Camera Zooming On/Off. /miss: Toggle ''Miss'' display On/Off",
  "How to Open Whispering List: Press [Alt] + [H].",
  "/fog: Fog effect. On/Off",
  "/notalkmsg2: Hides chat messages(including guild chat). On/Off",
  "/bingbing: Rotates player counter clockwise. ^^;;",
  "/bangbang: Rotates player clockwise. ^^;;",
  "/aura: Simplify Aura effect On/Off",
  "/showname: Change the name font type.",
  "/q3 : /quickspell (/q1) + /quickspell2 (/q2)",
  "/set1 : /nc + /showname + /sf + /wi, /set2 : + /q3",
  "/doridori: Shake head ^^;;",
  "/quickspell: Right-click menu enables you to use skills assigned to the F9 hotkey. On/Off",
  "/quickspell2: By rolling the mouse wheel up and down, you are able to use skills registered on F7 and F8 hotkeys. On/Off",
  "/emotion: views the emoticon list.",
  "/hi or /hi message: Send greetings to people who are online and registered on your Friend List.",
  "/notrade: Declines trade offers automatically. On/Off",
  "/hunting: You can check the your hunting list.",
  "/alchemist: Shows top 10 Alchemists in the server.",
  "/blacksmith: Shows top 10 Blacksmiths in the server.",
  "/window: Display windows will snap/dock together. On/Off",
  "/skillfail: Display red font message when skill fails. On/Off",
  "/notalkmsg: Chat will not be displayed in chat window. On/Off",
  "/noshift: You may use your \"force heal\" ability without the Shift key. On/Off",
  "/noctrl | /nc: Auto attack without pressing ctrl key. On/Off",
  "/loginout: Shows guildsmen and friends online status. On/Off",
  "/shopping: Enables you to open a shop with a single left-click and close your shop with a single right-click. On/Off",
  "ALT+Y: Opens a window which allows you to use various commands with ease.",
  "/tingonly: You can hear only sound like a chat room entry.",
  "/monsterhp: Toggles monster HP information when attacking. On/Off",
  "Hunting and Equipment quests are available through the Eden Group. Find them via the '+' mark on the mini-map of each city.",
  " -------------- Navigation Instructions -------------- ",
  "/navigation    /navi  :  /navi yuno 100/100           ->> Map, location(100/100)",
  "/navigation2  /navi2 :  /navi2 yuno 100/100 1/1/1 ->> Map, location(100/100), Scroll/Service/Plane (1:Enable 0: Disable)",
  " -------------- Navigation Search Commands ------- ",
  "$$all         : Outputs all the results (Type of navigation can be specified).",
  "$$lv30       : Monsters of that level are displayed (Amount may vary).",
  "$$lv20~30  : Monster of that level range are displayed (Amount may vary)."
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