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NPC: announce event --> Player Click NPC / Sign up For Event --> 5mins waiting Time --> All Players warp to Battle
--> Clear 5-10 Stage Long Run Map / Every stage Have Boss, If player killed Boss, NPC Broadcast Who killed boss
 --> All Monster Must be killed before Entering next stage / No announcement of how many monster left 
--> After Clearing the Dungeon, NPC at the end will warp the players who click it to the main npc
--> all players who survived the event will receive Prize depending on their contribution
No Command
No Disable usable item ( healing, Speed Potion )
No Warp Portal - Acolyte
if Players gets dc he is out of the event
if Player gets killed he is out of the event / automatic warp out
Players who killed Boss will Get 1 Castle Drop Reward
if Player Killed 2 Boss, he will only get 1 Castle drop Reward
if Player didnt Kill more than 20 monster, no reward
if player kill more than 20 monster, will reward credits
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