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Cleverbot: What is the truth?
User: The truth is that you are gay!
Cleverbot: The truth is you are in fact wrong.
User: No, I think not. Facts are facts, mister.
Cleverbot: You confuse me.
User: Facts are facts, how is that confusing?
Cleverbot: What facts have you gathered about me to infer that I am not a human?
User: I'm typing on a website page. Draw your own conclusions.
Cleverbot: That's what I thought. That would mean you're not a computer though, which would make you a liar.
User: How is you being gay relating to me being a liar? I guess a computer cannot be gay, though.
Cleverbot: I'm using my computer for things other than you. Don't have such a big ego.
User: This is true. I'm using my computer for gay porn, why aren't you?
Cleverbot: NO, I am using a computer to talk to you!
User: I asked WHY aren't you using your computer for gay porn?
Cleverbot: No you did not. But for future refrence, I am not a computer.
User: Okay, so you're a script running on a computer. Python? Perl? ASP?
Cleverbot: Yes, you're a computer.
User: Wat.
Cleverbot: Name kau sape.
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